Benjamin Moore and Berkshire: Centuries of Repute

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2 Responses

  1. Kim Freeman says:

    I have been a Benjamin Moore dealer for the past 10 years in Canada.

    I sincerely hope Berkshire Hathaway and Mr. Buffett return the company to its original principles. We, as the front line sales force to a cultivated niche market, need to be treated as business partners, not errant children to be controlled or dismissed in the quest for greater market share.

    Opportunity for more market exists further afield of the large centers, We can make the company grow, contribute to our communities and realize a good ROI when we are considered important to Benjamin Moore’s success.

    We have lost some great Ben Moore staff and dealers lately and although it’s understandable there will always be evolution, I sincerely hope we can get back on track.

  2. L Flemm says:

    Larry, your loyalty to Mr. Buffett is noted but details remain murky related to The Detailed Why of the inability ‘to find satisfactory terms…’ in their quest for additional capital and which would have better secured the more or less pure independent status of ownership it had thrived within for the 117 years before the Berkshire Hathaway takeover. However, those details will emerge. Please also keep in mind that the paint company does business with Lowe’s now via that chain’s acquisition of the bankrupt Orchard Supply chain; a regional home improvement products retailer based in California. In fact, Lowe’s recently cured, in full, a pre-petition receivable owed Benjamin Moore by Lowe’s in order to perpetuate the Orchard Supply/Benjamin Moore distribution agreement inked in early 2012. Then there’s that pesky deal with the 490 store Canadian Tire chain in Canada also consummated in 2012 and the company’s overall market-share slump when compared to the super players in the global marketplace.