Social Media and Chat Monitoring

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3 Responses

  1. nidefatt says:

    I want you to find out whether it’s ok for the government to get private companies to violate our rights. I’m sure the answer is no, but I seem to recall this really horrible case involving tons of phone companies and the NSA during the bush administration and that Scalia shot the entire lawsuit into tiny pieces.

  2. Brett Bellmore says:

    Based on Google policy for what they’ll permit google shopping to find for you, I suspect online platforms don’t particularly care to be good at distinguishing between illegal conduct, and conduct they just don’t like.

  3. Yes, let’s just monitor everyone all the time on every messenger and chat conveyor regardless of the Fourth Amendment. That way we will be sure to catch all the wrong doers – because we know that government/law enforcement NEVER violates the Bill of Rights and NEVER makes mistakes. Americans need to be protected from themselves and only government can do it correctly. Just take a look at the TSA for evidence of that particular theory.