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A Rough Commute

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5 Responses

  1. A.J. Sutter says:

    While remaining agnostic about whether the Clemmons commutation was appropriate, I agree with you that the deeper problem is with the way political discourse has degenerated in the US during the past 30 years, and on this front specifically since 1988. Nonetheless, if Huckabee is casting his lot with Fox News, there is some justice in that he who lives by the sword should at least get pricked by it from time to time. I’m sure he had other career options.

  2. Alan says:

    I can’t even begin to understand how anyone can be impressed with such a liberal record on clemency. It’s wrong as a matter of principle to gamble so recklessly with the public safety. Handing out clemency at the rate Huckabee did is no different from playing Russian roulette with the gun pointed at total strangers. Act like he did, and you’re pretty much guaranteeing that someone’s going to die. What a shocker that that actually happened. Repeatedly.

    Playing the race and poverty cards in a case like this, as Huckabee did, can be charitably described as dishonorable and stupid. Clemmons didn’t just make one stupid mistake. He had several felony convictions before he was old enough to buy cigarettes. He was a violent thief. A degenerate. A person who made the world a worse place to live in.

    “And sure enough, conservative interests have been lashing out at Huckabee just as they did during his 2008 campaign for president when it was revealed that, while governor, he had elected to release Wayne DuMond, who was later convicted of rape and murder.”

    Those damn conservatives! Making a political issue out of the decisions of a governor whose mercy to the guilty resulted in cruelty to the innocent. How dare they! Stupid demagogues. They’ll never understand that the “the subsequent positive contributions to society of people whose sentences were commuted” are somehow worth the buckets of blood shed by other people whose sentences were commuted. Sure, it’s a gamble with innocent people’s lives, but we’ve got to be compassionate here!

  3. Bruce Boyden says:

    “Act like he did, and you’re pretty much guaranteeing that someone’s going to die.” That would also be true if you just locked up everyone in the country and started letting them out, one by one.

  4. Jack S. says:

    I found the prosecutor’s arguments quite weak for why clemency should not have been granted. Sure the guy committed aggravated robbery and got 2 30 year sentences. But what were the aggravating factors? He cites the conviction of the jury but for all we know it was a bunch of angry white people wanting to throw the book at a black man.

    I’m sure there are some very good arguments of why this man should have never been back on the street, but this prosecutor came across very poorly (see CNN site for video and judge for yourself)

  5. Alan says:

    “That would also be true if you just locked up everyone in the country and started letting them out, one by one.”

    And thus was defeated my argument that giving out clemency every two or three days is unjustifiably reckless. Brilliant!

    If you locked up everyone, you’d have to let them out. There was no need to give clemency a thousand-plus times.

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