Google, The Good: Free Law!

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3 Responses

  1. TJ says:

    I have never read my contract with Westlaw/Lexis, but I have always assumed that they study the searches I use and have no obligation to keep it confidential. Is there something different on the client confidentiality front between using Google to search and using Lexis/Westlaw?

  2. RJ says:

    Freudian slip? The first sentence should probably read, “I do think that *not* all The Google does is bad.”

  3. Deven Desai says:


    Newman! And thanks for the catch.


    There are a number of things one may want to study further. At first glance, I’d note that you do not have the same type of relationship with a search engine that you do with Westlaw or Lexis. The study of the searches is a separate matter. In fact, insofar as one identifies a client for Westlaw or Lexis, the information is arguably easier to follow and then raise confidentiality questions. A public search that does not reveal the client is probably less revealing. Still I wonder whether there are ways to back out for whom the search is being done. In addition, lawyers may not want to use Google if it is easier to show a client what the research was via a third party for billing purposes.