Maps and Legends

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  1. Deven,

    Not on point, but perhaps tangentially of interest is the fact that one of the most compelling analogies or models of scientific theories in circulation today is the cartographic model: the first systematic treatment I’m aware of is from Philip Kitcher’s Science, Truth and Democracy (2001), chps. 5 & 6: “Mapping Reality,” and “Scientific Significance,” respectively: pp. 55-82, and John Ziman further summarizes the compelling virtues (which has implications for the nature of ‘realism’ in scientific theory) of this analogy in Real Science (2000): 126-132.

    Well, you did write: “please share any other creative and/or challenging uses of maps of which you are aware.”

  2. Deven says:


    Fully on point in my world. As always thanks and I will check out the sources.