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  1. Ted Sichelman says:

    Nice post, Deven. Earlier this decade, I founded and ran a software startup and was confronted with hosts of laws that dampened our ability to grow–from intellectual property to securities to office health safety. I’m far from an anti-regulation type, but most regulatory laws are designed with big business in mind–whether because of lobbying or just the short-sighted governmental-media-educational focus on large cos.

    As you know, a group of us at Berkeley are looking at the role of patent law in startup company formation and growth. Mike Meurer at Boston University is starting a similar project, but expanding into other areas of the law. Both projects are funded by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Anyone interested in the area should take a look at their “Grants” page:

    Fortunately, more of this research is being done each year, and hopefully the laws will better adapt to suit startups and smaller companies.