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1 Response

  1. Joy says:

    “a healthy amount of notice” was not given to briefcase owners and we who have joined the google restoration (only to download our files) group advocating for a response from Y! need your help.

    Sorry we accidentally made you a member but you won’t get email from the public group unless you change your setting there however you can post to member by emailing us at
    since by inviting you I was able to unmoderate you and would of been had I not made you a member so sorry I did that somehow once again.

    I also realise this post is to your most recent contribution here not the one regarding your article about persona. As noted in my message about inviting you it said your email wasn’t worknig a week ago so to be safe I wanted to get a more likely to be seen notice to you.

    We are running out of time before they can claim sufficient time has passed. One OXFORD graduate member of our group has been retaliated against by having his entire email shut down despite it being used for his professional work! This was without warning and has been sustained now for weeks! They did this because he told the rest of us he was promissed his files back long after the shutdown and initial claim of deletion since not repeated. They say he violated his agreement in there spammy answers service! This despite it being entirely seperate from the email! He is currently so injured by this we have heard little from him since. Can you imagine being locked out of your own email account for your civil honest speech published on an anonymous profile provided by the email provider? This is not a fiction it actually happened..