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Presidential Trivia Tidbits

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6 Responses

  1. A.W. says:

    You left out this tidbit. As of noon today, apparently the curse of tecumseh is officially dead.

    While Wiki is not generally trustworthy, this page on it is accurate so far as i know, to fill you in on this.

  2. CrazyTrain says:

    Ahh, the importance of punctuation. At first, I read “He is, not surprisingly, the first Barack to appear on a presidential ticket” as “He is not, surprisingly, the first Barack to appear on a presidential ticket” and thought who was the first one then?

  3. Brian Kalt says:

    A.W., it ended in 1989 when President Reagan left office alive.

  4. A.W. says:


    Well, one theory is that since Reagan was shot, the curse wasn’t beat yet. fwiw, which admittedly is not much.

  5. George W. Bush did face an assassination attempt, though. Of course, most recent presidents have. But if the curse is that every president elected in a year ending in zero either dies in office or faces an assassination attempt, then it doesn’t break with Reagan or Bush.

    If it was a curse initiated in 1811, why didn’t it affect James Monroe, who was elected in 1820? Seriously, if people are going to attribute this trend to a curse, the least they could have done is find some event between 1820 and 1840 to tie it to.

  6. Bart says:

    Also A.W.,Obamas term is not over yet.

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