Do We Need an Internet Ed. Class?

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4 Responses

  1. Ruth Parlin says:

    Actually, librarians for some years have been teaching Internet Ed. in elementary schools. We call it “information literacy.”

  2. Deven says:

    Dear Ruth,

    That is great to hear. Can you share what is covered in the classes? I’d love to know.



  3. Ruth Parlin says:

    Hi, Deven,

    The American Library Association started developing standards for information literacy instruction in the early 1990s. (Librarians once called it “bibliographic instruction,” but broadened the name and the nature of instruction in response to the growth of electronic research sources.) Here’s a link to the standards:

    In 1998, privacy wasn’t so much a feature of info lit standards. Florida’s more recent standards do take up the issue of privacy under national indicator 8.1, Respects the principles of intellectual freedom:

    I have no idea how many schoolkids are actually getting info lit instruction that includes privacy issues. But if you want to advance the ideas you discuss in your post, you might find a receptive audience in the American Association of School Librarians:



  4. Deven says:

    Dear Ruth,

    You have made my day. The wonders of the Internet persist as you share some useful information and educate. I will check the links out. Thanks so much.