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Praise for Lessig and Free Culture

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4 Responses

  1. Stokie says:

    I’m glad he lost. High-tech stealing is still stealing.

  2. Stokie says:

    I’m glad he lost. High-tech stealing is still stealing.

  3. Bruce Boyden says:

    Stokie, the issue in Eldred was extension of the term for copyrights, from 75 years to 95 years for films, and even longer for most books and other works. You can be in favor of anti-infringement measures and still oppose term extension.

  4. Deven Desai says:

    Thanks for the comments. Stokie, I think Bruce nailed a key point. In fact, you may enjoy the book and be surprised. Lessig explicitly states that he does not want anarchy (no property or contract). So given that the book is available for free, take a read. I am not saying you will agree with him but engaging with his or other arguments may sharpen your position. Here’s a quote to tempt you.

    “Instead, the free culture that I defend in this book is a balance between anarchy and control. A free culture, like a free market, is filled with property. It is filled with rules of property and contract that get enforced by the state. But just as a free market is perverted if its property becomes feudal, so too can a free culture be queered by extremism in the property rights that define it. That is what I fear about our culture today. It is against that extremism that this book is written.” Preface, xvi

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