Shifting Out of Neutral: Net Neutrality Defenders Fire Back

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1 Response

  1. Jack S. says:

    If we were truly getting to the heart of the issue, free market competition would come to the surface. Net Neutrality has allowed politicians, legal scholars, the FCC, telco’s and friends of google to spill oceans of ink that would not otherwise be necessary had the 1996 Telco Act worked as was intended.

    Not surprisingly this type of regulatory debate has not seen the light of day in competitive European and Asian markets. Sure, it gets mentioned from time to time, but probably just a hahaha laugh at the silly overly regulated US market.

    I’m no fan of seeing broadband under Title 1 of the Telco Act, but grafting net neutrality (or lack thereof) on to existing legislation and regulations is going to make an even bigger mess out of an already bad situation.

    My only hope is that google wins the 700Mhz licenses and creates a new internet monopoly. Monopoly it may become, but it surely couldn’t be any worse than what we have now.