Buying Diversity: Fenwick & West Offers Cash Incentives for Diversity Activities

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1 Response

  1. A serious aside: have the benefits of skin-deep diversity (because that’s what we’re talking about here, isn’t it?) ever been clearly delineated such that when you talk about its importance you can finish up with a “and here are the tangible benefits.” Would it be beneficial then to discourage the ongoing premise of Historically Black Colleges & Universities? How about gender diversity? The Market has pretty much discarded the all-male college: should the market also be declared wrong when it comes to the ongoing success of women colleges and thus have us put an end to the discrimination rampant at schools like Wellesley?

    We can go on: how many law schools have faculties that come within even 20% of the political sensiblities of the populace at large? Would we need more than one hand to count the such faculties that even had a 40% vote for George Bush in 2000 or 2004? Is the lack of such thought diversity important?

    In other words, why does skin-deep diversity get to be the defacto diversity of importance? I suspect it’s white liberal guilt but then that’s my bogeyman for a lot of imposed policies.