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Andy Warhol’s Electric Chair

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2 Responses

  1. Nettie says:

    can you give me more INFO???

  2. Claudia Gould says:

    Elizabeth Gould love to be hurt Miranda Gould if Elizabeth Gould drinking Elizabeth Gould mean to Larlene Foote and Cathy Gould and Miranda Gould and Felicia Chev and Terry Chev and Suzanne Brown and Colleen Hasler and Tracy Applyn and Miranda’s grandmother Ellen GouldTeri Lyn mean to Cathy gould and Tracy Applyn and Felicia Chev and Miranda Gould and Cathy Gould and Teri Lyn acting like a 2 yrs old and miss behaving and steeling and stole and swears too much and rip people off and rape people and saying things to Miranda and made Miranda cry

    Teri Lyn caused and cause troble too much and childish and greedish Elizabeth Gould mean to Tanya Smith Cristal Gould mean to Tracy Applyn and Miranda Gould and Cathy Gould and Tanya Smith and Colleen Hasler and Felicia Chev

    Iris Gould is my mother she mean to Felicia Chev and Tanya Smith and Miranda Gould and Cathy Gould and Terry Chev and Colleen Hasler and Tracy Applyn Cristal Gould mean to me

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