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US News Law School Rankings: A Comparison With 1998 And 1995

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6 Responses

  1. FXKLM says:

    Can you explain the “None Listed” item in the 1995 rankings? I can’t figure out what that means.

  2. Brian Leiter says:

    The 1995 ranking formula was so different from the 2006 one that this is like comparing two wholly different sets of rankings.

  3. Brian — Your point about the vastly different ranking formulas makes Dan’s comparison even more interesting. Despite a decade of time and a very different ranking formula, the overall ranking results aren’t very different. Perhaps US News starts with its rough sense of the ranking order and then crafts a ranking formula to get roughly the results it wants. I’m reminded of Jerome Frank’s quote: “[J]udicial judgments, like other judgments, doubtless, in most cases, are worked out backward from conclusions tentatively formulated.”

  4. “Perhaps US News starts with its rough sense of the ranking order and then crafts a ranking formula to get roughly the results it wants.”


  5. Alison B. says:


    Begging your insight–the list mentions the schools I am considering in terms of move ratio– but you dont actually go that far in the listings. I am having to make a decision once & for all between St. Mary’s Univ. and Texas Wesleyan Univ……yes, I realize, not the most earth shattering decision– both 4th tier, etc- who cares, — however, this is quite likely an excessively important decision for my life, so Im trying desperately to get a finite, qualitative answer as to which is the bottom line “better” school. Opposing opinions abound– yes, Wesleyan is newer & has less of an alumni base, or reputation in the industry– however I have been advised that St. Mary’s has had a serious drop in quality over the past 6-8 years, having a low bar pass rate, etc…and also unless I plan to focus on international business w/ Mexico or immigration, not really any more to offer than Wesleyan…so at this point in time– what to believe? I have to decide by Wed….thank you for any educated advice…


  6. Louie says:

    Stumbled on this (rather old) post and felt compelled to comment, if only to say this: Poor Alison, who was choosing between those two schools, would be entering the legal market right . . . now. Let’s all take a moment to mourn her stillborn legal career.

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